Root Chakra – Salt & Soap Pack

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Take a moment to unwind with Pink Himalayan Natural Bath Salts from The Psychic Tree, combined with the amazing Soap For The Soul Grapefruit Goodness, linking to the Root Chakra. These packs contain just enough salts for one bath and come with one bar of vegan friendly soap The Root Chakra is the 1st Chakra and located at the base of your spine, is known as Muladhara, meaning “root support”. The Root Chakra is represented by the colour red and is associated with security, safety, survival, sleep, physicality, grounding and support. Imbalance of this chakra can present as a sense of anxiousness and insecurity Pack contents: 100g of Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Guide book containing information on the Chakra 1 Bar of Soup For The Soul – Grapefruit Goodness Soap Ingredients info card *Please note that whilst soap is vegan friendly, packaging may not be. 


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