Meditation Enhancement Healing Crystal Pack

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We have put together the crystals that enhance and will deepen your meditation experiences The pack comes with a printed guidebook which explains the benefits of the crystals and an organza bag to keep the crystals safe. The following tumblestones are included in this pack: 1 x Rutilated Quartz 1 x Clear Quartz 1 x Selenite 1 x Angelite 1 x Unakite Rutilated Quartz is included as this stone has an exceptionally high vibration that resonates with that of the guardian angels. Meditating with rutilated quartz brings a deeper connection to higher consciousness and guides us to better understand ourselves. Angelite is a form of Celestite and so has many properties the same.  This stone will allow you to deepen attunement and heighten your perception.  As this one is linked to the throat chakra it also enable better communication and so you will be more open and accepting whilst in meditation. Clear Quartz has been included to amplify energy which assist in meditation. And Selenite as this is a stone that helps you to open the crown and higher chakra s – again enhancing meditation. Unakite has also been included – this is not the most traditionally known crystal.  But it has great ability in balancing emotions, and also when placed on the third eye can open up psychic vision.  It also has grounding properties so you can come back down to eartH


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