Libra – Sign Of The Zodiac Healing Crystal Pack

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People born under the star sign Libra are often co-operative, logical, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded and social but can be indecisive. With that in mind this crystal pack has been designed around your birthstones. This pack includes one of each of the following crystals –  Ametrine, Bloodstone, Lepidolite, Malachite and Moonstone and comes with a guide book that explains the contents of the crystals and the relevance to the Libra sign. All of this comes beautifully presented in an Organza bag Alternatively you can choose the crystal pack without the guide book and download the free guide to print out and keep with your crystals. Select “crystal pack only” from the drop down if you wish to do this CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE LIBRA CRYSTAL GUIDE Ametrine has the perfect healing energy for Libran s and works with your natural logic and encourages direction. Bloodstone helps combat a natural indecisive nature and reduces confusion. It also lends itself to radiating harmony and peace, enhancing graciousness Lepidolite helps with the stress and nervousness surrounding decision making as it is known to be calming and provides comfort Malachite is a radiant stone that helps you ignite the energy of supreme love and forgiveness And finally Moonstone enables you to experience heart felt joy by using strong frequencies in your auric field, and works to bring a sense of empowerment to people born under the Libran star sign.


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