Headache Relief Crystal Pack

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Nothing is worse than having a persistent headache or suffering from Migraines on a regular basis. To combat this, we have put together a pack of healing crystals that work together to reduce the pain and prevent re-occurrence of headaches The pack comes with a printed guidebook which explains the benefits of the crystals and an organza bag to keep the crystals safe. The following items are included in this pack: 1 x Crystal Guide Book 1 x Amethyst Polished Tumblestone  1 x Amber Polished Tumblestone 1 x Lapis Lazuli Polished Tumblestone 1 x Citrine Polished Tumblestone 1 x Clear Quartz Polished Tumblestone 1 x Organza Bag   Amethyst works to relieve stress, relax the user and promotes a deep and peaceful sleep, which is perfect for recovery and should be placed on the forehead when relaxing Amber is included as it has powerful properties that enable an emotional and mental cleanse, clearing blockages that may be causing the headaches and filling your body with a positive healing vibration. You can also use this on your forehead or can be placed under the pillow overnight Lapis Lazuli is said to be a great pain reliever and is said to be particularly good at reducing the impact of migraines. This is a forehead stone to be used when the headaches are particularly painful or affecting vision Citrine generates positivity for the user, generating a feeling of happiness and joy and is great for reducing and preventing the effects of headaches. Good also for pain relief, it is also good for regeneration so should be used as the headache begins to subside as it promotes positive tissue healing and is said to reduce the “bruised” feelings some suffer with in the after effects of migraines And clear quartz is included as the master healer, and is used to amplify the powers of the other crystals together. When using this pack it s best to choose how you use the crystals based on what you feel best, however you can use any of the crystals placed on your forehead or under the pillow, or on  a bedside table together to gain the full healing vibrations that the crystals combined together will generate


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