Get Up & Go Healing Crystal Pack

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This crystal pack has been designed to help you feel energised from the very minute you wake up in the morning and to look on your day in a positive way. This pack includes the following polished tumblestones; 1 x Blue Tigers Eye, 1 x Red Jasper, 1 x Carnelian, 1 x Bloodstone, 1 x Citrine, a Gift bag to hold them and a Get Up & Go Guide Book. Blue Tigers Eye has been selected as it provides strength and stamina, so no matter what the world throws at you, you have the persistence to battle through on the bad days. Red Jasper has been selected as this stone helps to motivate and also strengthens your aura so you can feel more positive throughout the day. Carnelian has also been selected for it motivational properties. It also has the added bonus of improving your analytic abilities and clarity so any unforeseen problems or circumstances can be clearly and calmly dealt with.  Bloodstone provides energy due to its blood cleansing properties, keeping the blood oxygenated and flowing through the body helps us to feel energised all day and so this is a great addition to this particular pack. And finally we have Citrine which is known to be one of the most powerful energy boosting crystals by working to regenerate the cells of the body, so you can keep going all day!


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