Find Love Healing Crystal Pack

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A crystal pack designed to help you open your heart to love, so you can unblock any negativity and allow love to flow to and from you freely. This pack comes beautifully presented in an organza bag with a guide book to explain all about the crystals and how they can attract love into your life. The pack contains the following crystals: 1 x Rough Rose Quartz 2 x Rose Quartz Tumblestones 1 x New Jade Tumblestone 1 x  Pink Agate Tumblestone Rose Quartz  is the ultimate love crystal and promotes unconditional love and inner peace.  It allows a deeper inner healing and self love which in turn, will help you to attract love in to your life. This crystal communicates directly with the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds and fear. Rose Quartz can also stimulate desire and imagination and opens the heart to the possibilities of new relationships at all levels Pink Agate brings about balance, with vibrational energy that lends itself to solidifying and improving the emotional aspects of relationships. Pink Agate also allows the user to be tolerant and provides the user a level of confidence and inward support New Jade helps the user have confidence in setting out the building blocks and foundations of new relationships, as well as keeping the user from harm and bringing harmony to your soul


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