Elements Premium Fragrances Incense Stick Gift Pack

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A display box of 6 assorted packs of Premium fragrance range incense sticks by Elements- Aloe Vera –  a soothing and calming fragrance in nature, helping relaxation with the body and at the same time emitting a delightful aroma. Sandalwood – a woody and sweet aroma that has a harmonizing and calming effect which will help to reduce tension and confusion. Frankincense & Myrrh – two biblical fragrances will promote spiritual enlightenment. Jasmine – a floral and exotic fragrance will help provide a sensual aroma, aiding relaxation and boosting confidence. Lavender – a sweet and floral fragrance which will promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your home and aids a good night s sleep. Patchouli – a lovely earthy fragrance and is thought to have a grounding and balancing effect which will control anxiety. Each pack contains 20 incense sticks.


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