Detox Crystal Infused Bath Salts – Throat Chakra

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Take a moment to unwind with this Detox Himalayan Bath Salts mix from The Psychic Tree, with a crystal infusion linking to the Throat Chakra. These packs contain just enough salts for one bath, and are blended with Tea Tree & Lime Essential Oils, evening primrose oil and dry herbs and come with an Amazonite Crystal, enhancing the salts with its metaphysical power The Throat Chakra is the 5th Chakra and located at the centre of the neck at the throat area, is known as Vishuddha, meaning “Purification”. The Throat Chakra is represented by the colour blue and is associated with speaking, expressing truth, non verbal or verbal means of communication, connection with the etheric realm, delivery of ideas and recognition of purpose. Imbalance of this chakra can present as nervousness, mouth problems and mood swings Bath salts are said to have incredible healing powers and were used widely by the Ancient Greeks to enhance their health. The Tea Tree & Lime detox your body and make you feel refreshed from head to toe. Allow the pure essential oils and Himalayan salts to work together to soothe and detox your body, and allow your skin to rest giving you a feeling of being revived and detoxed Each pouch contains 100g of Detox Blend Himalayan Salt, an Amazonite crystal and a guide book explaining how the crystal links to the chakra. If you prefer the salts without the crystal, just select “Bath Salts without crystal” from the options


Crystal Infused Bath Salts, Bath Salts (Without Crystal)

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