Break The Habit Healing Crystal Pack

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Whether you are deciding to quit smoking, stop biting your nails, reduce the amount of fast food, reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, or stop any other unwanted habits, healing crystals can often help us by using their metaphysical properties to reduce those out of control feelings and restore a sense of freedom when you finally break through those troublesome needs  This pack includes: 1 x Gold Tigers Eye Polished Tumblestone 1 x Red Tigers Eye Polished Tumblestone 1 x Blue Tigers Eye Polished Tumblestone 1 x Black Onyx Polished Tumblestone 1 x Clear Quartz Polished Tumblestone 1 x Amethyst Polished Tumblestone 1 x Organza Bag A free printed guide telling you all the metaphysical healing properties to keep with your crystals Gold, Red & Blue Tigers Eye are included as these stones not only provide courage, but they also act as your guardian angels, providing motivation and focus, whilst generating feelings of safety and calmness. Reducing the urges and panic are important when trying to quit bad habits and these crystals are perfect to help you with this Black Onyx is included as it removes and suppresses negative thoughts and emotions and provides a positive outlook. When trying to kick the habit(s), one of the main reasons we lapse back into the problem is when we lose our positive aspect and the view of the end goal. Onyx creates strength and positivity and makes establishing new routines easier Clear Quartz is included as not only is it an amplifier of other crystals (so keeping this crystal with the others will increase their effects), but it also represents a new beginning and helps detoxify the body And finally Amethyst is included as it is particularly suited to breaking addictive feelings and in history was used by Romans to make goblets that prevent feelings of intoxication. In fact the actual meaning of Amethyst is “Not Drunken”! This crystal provides a massive boost to your willpower and enhances focus for the user These crystals come in a beautiful organza bag so you can carry them with you in a purse or a pocket, and help beat and keep those bad habits at bay! The card is downloadable on the link above for you to print out and keep with the pack


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