Aries – Sign Of The Zodiac Healing Crystal Pack

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Aries are natural born leaders, if you are an Aries you will know that you can be straight to the point, and spontaneous which can sometimes land you in trouble.  This crystal pack has been designed and also represents each of your birthstones. This pack includes one of each of the following polished tumblestones, Aventurine, Bloodstone, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Hematite and comes with a guide book that explains the contents of the crystals and the relevance to the Aries sign. All of this comes beautifully presented in an Organza bag Alternatively you can choose the crystal pack without the guide book and download the free guide to print out and keep with your crystals. Select “crystal pack only” from the drop down if you wish to do this CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE ARIES CRYSTAL GUIDE  Aventurine has been selected as it reinforces your leadership skills and aids your decisive skills. It also promotes compassion, empathy and perseverance which will help you make the right decisions and stick to them. Bloodstone is an excellent grounding and protecting stone and is a powerful revitalizer so it will help you to keep your energy up no matter how many spontaneous projects you decide to begin. Amethyst is a great stone for Aries, as it prevents being carried off with different moods and whims. Clear Quartz, harmonises the chakras, heals and also amplifies energy so you will have the best health and energy to power through your creative new ideas And finally we have Hematite, a good grounding stone and great for dissolving negative energy. This crystal will help you to stay focused and maintain self esteem even when others may doubt you or disagree with your leadership qualities.


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