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Adele is an awakened empath, emotional and spiritual healer. She is able to guide clients by passing on messages and information to suggest powerful solutions for their future. Adele provides a space where clients can move beyond challenges in their conscious life so that choices are based on their inner guidance. It was through her intuitive abilities she began to nurture her own empathic nature. The channels which opened up for her enabled her to get through many of life’s challenges. As such Adele is proficient and dedicated with over thirty years of experience. In her psychic work, Adele is highly successful, particularly in matters of self-examination. Her passion for life and love has grown stronger as have her skills and abilities. Adele believes that creativity is a life force to surviving and thriving in the present century. Through her gifts, Adele can connect with the future and meet the angels in their purest form. She is completely open to all sorts of possibilities and is highly receptive to angelic guidance. Intuitively she perceives the eternal which dwells in love. Adele firmly believes that a complete transformation is possible, once the past has been relinquished. How we respond to this will largely depend on how willing we are to let go of the old and embrace the new! Real magic – real transformative power, lies within us, in our attitudes and in our willingness to grow.


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